13" Thunderbird Emblem

13" Thunderbird Emblem

OFFICIAL FORD Thunderbird emblem is 3 dimensional high quality chromed ABS plastic. The same as the original T-bird emblem on the trunk. Sold individually.

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Our Price: $51.03
Market Price: $53.65


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T-Bird 13" Emblem Photos, Testimonials and Additional Info

These emblems simply stick onto any spot you desire on your Ford Thunderbird or any other surface you desire. Simple installation with a 3M adhesive backing. The Thunderbird Emblem is the same one as the original one on the trunk.

Maybe you bought a Continental Kit and you need to dress it up with the Thunderbird Emblem. Or, use as an accessory on a tool box or garage wall. Made of chrome look plastic.

The Thunderbird Emblem is 13 1/8" long x 1 1/4" tall.

Happy Tbirding
Thunderbird Concepts CEO Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott

harry walter's tbird with thunderbird emblem on door
Harry Walter's Thunderbird in Iowa, pictured above, with the Thunderbird Emblem on the drivers door.

thunderbird emblems

Pictured above are the "Thunderbird Emblems". We have two size options; one in a 13", which is the same exact tbird emblem that is located on your Thunderbird trunk lid, and, the other is 4". Both are 3D, like the one on your trunk lid. This is a self adhesive application. Replaces the existing 2002 2003 2004 2005 Thunderbird Writing Emblem.



Simple peel and stick installation with a 3M adhesive backing.



I ordered a pair of the 50th Aniversary emblems to replace the original emblems on the front fender of our 02 Bird. It was one of the easiest jobs I have done. I just put a cloth on the door following the emblem and pried it off with a flat blade screw driver, snapped the new ones back in. Totoal time, Less than 10 minutes.
Thought you might want to know.

Bill in Wyoming Territory (10-26-09)

I can truly say that every thing I have gotten from you for my 02 T-Bird is just awesome. I have only three things of chrome that I have not put on my T-Bird. They are that new chrome piece for the door just below the window and the chrome for the door entry and the T-Bird emblems. I can tell you my T-Bird is the Best and Sharpest one in Colorado Springs, plus it does not look like all the other T-Birds it really stands out. I brag by drive thru the car/hot rod shows/displays that the young kids have with their supped up mini car and early model cars. Their cars look nice but my 02 T-Bird red and all chromed out really has a lot of heads turning. I would say it is great to show off and brag just by driving thru those car shows, it makes me feel like I did when I would drive my fathers 1966 Mustang. All I can say is the Bird is a Hot Car because of the great deals I was able to get from you.
Ray Anders (3.3.2008)

Thanks so much for the return call and getting the T-Bird emblems out so quickly. I know I and other TBird owners appreciate your effort very much. Keep those new products coming and again, thanks!
Mike (6-27-08)

Hi Aaron,
A little over due but wanted to say thanks to you and your company for being there. I got floor mats, license frame and T-Bird logos back in December for a Christmas gift from my wife and finally got ‘em installed this past weekend. It's been a really tough winter here in the Chicago area and haven't had much opportunity to drive the ‘02 bird that I bought last October. I just ordered a pair of the V8 emblems and I'm sure it'll look great with my bird logos. I plan on several more products down the road as soon as the budget allows.

Any thoughts on where I could get a hard top? My bird didn't come with a factory HT. But I had to purchase it because of the low mileage and great price. It's T-Bird blue and turns a few heads--however, when my wife takes it, they give her thumbs up and even comment "how cool" when she steps out of the car. It'll only get better with more updates from your fine company.
Thanks again
Perry O'Kano, Naperville, Illinois (April 11th 2008)

Hello Aaron!
On February 28th, I received my new set of Michelin Pilot white walls! They are beautiful! Great quality tires! No problem at all with shipping and installation! They really look terrific on my T-Bird! The perfect custom accessory! They really add that special touch of class!
I can now say that my 2003 T-Bird has been completely customized!! (My wife was very happy to hear that!!) The modifications included the following:
* Continental Kit (with T-Bird emblem)
* Rear Fender Skirts
* Borla Performance Split Rear Cat-Back Exhaust System
* K&N "Typhoon" Cold Air Intake System
* Michelin Pilot White Wall Tires
* Roadster Tonneau Cover
* Sylvania SilverStar High Performance Lighting
* Chrome Hood Scoop Bezel
* Chrome Engraved License Plate Frames
* Last, but not least.........White Fuzzy Dice!!
Also, Aaron, you asked me to send photographs of my T-Bird after the customization was complete. You'll be happy to know that the photos are in the mail!
The photos are yours to keep and to do with as you wish. Let me know when you receive them. Any other feedback is also welcome. I'm always open to comments and suggestions!
Thanks, Aaron, to you and your guys for helping in making my T-Bird something very special!
Greg Hlinka in Alexadria, VA (March 13th 2006)

I want to thank you for helping me with my order, and the 'heads up' info. Boy, you should write a book about Customer Service, cause you definitely understand the importance of it... and what it means to your customers. I have read a lot of the comments on your web-site, and I can tell that I am not the only one that is proud to say, I am a customer of Thunderbird Concepts.
Thanks to you and your team,
John Barrett, May 6, 2014

Just wanted to thank you for your products. They not only impressively beautiful on the Thunderbird, everything was so easy to put on and fit like a glove . It amazed me. It was so simple, that any one, would NOT have a hard time putting it ON. I installed a bunch of things and only took me 5 hours... and, I had fun doing it. Ordering more....
Thank you for the best products I ever bought in 50 years.
Russell Rogers
May 8, 2014




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